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  • Helene

    March 26, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Trying to Get A Hernia Diagnosis

    Just to put a good follow up to my daughters story.
    She is 19 days post bilateral hernia repair and had been in pain for over 3 years. Driving back from the Doctor appointment today, she said to me ” although I am still sore on just one side, I haven’t felt this good in years”

    I can’t tell you how good this made me feel yet how sad it made me feel. I am sad that it took so long to make the diagnosis. We searched for the reason for her pain for years with different doctors…including different specialties and many different scans. We didn’t stop searching until we finally found the right right radiologist and the right general surgeon.
    Of course, I am soooooooo happy because my daughter is finally basically pain free.