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  • R40

    September 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Chronic pain and recurring Hernias

    I am so sorry. i have now had a total of three surgeries for inguinal hernias. two on one side and one on the other. yes, it seems like the majority of dr’s don’t even think it’s possible to have a recurrence. No one even told me that can happen. My pain specialist is the one that pushed me into getting another ultrasound, which showed another hernia, and then the hernia surgeon didn’t believe it. She insisted that I have a ct scan, which was negative. Ultimately, I did have another hernia and had surgery, but still awful pain. I also have little children and it’s awful trying to function with the pain. It looks like Dr. Towfigh try’s to help prevent them, which no other dr bothered to talk to me about. At the time of my first surgery I had already one child. I asked that dr would having more kids affect my hernia. I was told no, that it was to far down in my groin, but I think it does. I also wasn’t told anything about exercise and I now see that you shouldn’t do squats. My exercise program from my early 20’s consisted of a million squats and lung’s, plus I was a baker from 18 to 24 and lifted so many very heavy things. I’m betting at the time of my first surgery I had my other sided hernia too. No one checked, It’s amazing, they do an automatic check of both sides for men, why not women? Then a common theme I see on-line is that hernia surgeons don’t think inguinal hernias cause pain, so if you say pain, they say it can’t be from a hernia. It becomes a nightmare trying to figure out what is the cause of your pain. I’m also scared of living in this pain forever. I don’t know what to do at this point, does anything help you?