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  • Casey

    September 23, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Chronic pain and recurring Hernias

    So, the CT scan came back not showing much. It showed that the mesh may be folded a bit, but my surgeon said that with the way he tacked it down, it could appear that way. It also showed a lot of scar tissue. His advice was to go to a pain clinic, as well as seek out a second opinion.

    I went to a local hernia clinic and the lead doctor there conquered with the findings. He said that the mesh may cause the discomfort but he would hesitate to remove it as that may cause more issues. He also said it sounds like a few of the permanent sutures are causing some pain. Again though he said it would be like finding a needle in a haystack to go in and release those. He also referred me to a pain clinic.

    So I have a third appt. with Dr. Rebecca Peterson up at the Univ of Wash Hernia Clinic in October. I really don’t want to travel, and she is the closest clinic I could find other than the one here in Portland (that I am not that impressed with) Even if she gives me the same diagnosis, I will feel better knowing that I have 2 separate opinions, and have done what I can that way. I will be trying the pain clinic route as well.

    Is it bad that I wish there would have been a new hernia, just so I could have something fixable? 🙂