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  • RJ

    January 23, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    future of inguinal repair and PT


    For full disclosure I have yet to have hernia surgery so this may differ from your situation – nonetheless, before a hernia diagnosis was made I have had a notable amount of pain reduction success using anti-inflammatory medication. Ibuprofen or aleve are good, but what helped most significantly was a 30-day course of prescription NSAID called Meloxicam which notably reduced regional inflammation and groin pain. That was some months ago but the effects have been long lasting, presumably from the anti-inflammatory effect of a sustained dose of powerful NSAID. Obviously you’d want to consult with a doctor (and you’d need an RX for the latter anyway), but if you tolerate NSAIDs well it’s something to consider while you work through physical therapy.

    Keep it up, and keep us updated on your progress.