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[USER=”2580″]DrBrown[/USER] thanks. What in your experience is considered “normal pain” after laparoscopy/mesh?

I am having the exact pains for these past 3 months since repair. Had not diminished really. My hernia was also very painful before the repair, but also pretty small in size (no one could see it in any imaging, except [USER=”935″]drtowfigh[/USER]).

The pain happens at random times throughout the day, doing activity or no activity. I’ve only been able to walk or stretch , and just walking can trigger sharp jolts of pain, as well as literally just standing or sitting at home. Pain feels like the mesh is slicing into my skin or nerves basically. Can also fell dull, or like bad cramping. The pain area is where the inguinal hernia was, up alsoa bit from it like just above hip bone/waist, and down in the groin.

The little bumps that were present before the repair are still there, and also now feels harder/rigid like I can feel the mesh?
As well as leg pain down throughout that same leg.

​​​​​​And bloating every day. I hate to be negative, but it really feels like something isn’t right/ went wrong with repair. I hope not, but hard to not think so.

The surgeon isn’t exactly taking the concerns seriously yet, and just said it could be something else- and to wait a couple more months… butI know what I’m feeling is surgery/hernia/mesh/nerve related.
​​​​​​​Is this a normal part of recovery in smaller women? Could it be bad body response, or problem to the repair/mesh?

MRI is the best way to see what’s going on, correct?

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