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Thank you. I can’t say with any certainty that my surgery was a failure. The local MRI doctor saw no recurrence and some scar tissue and that gives me some peace of mind. The scarring maybe where the residual discomfort is coming from for all I know. I feel much better than I did back in December. What is a complete failure is the follow through on Dr Tomas’s part to check on me, the patient, from surgery to complete recovery especially since I don’t live close to Florida. It was like pulling teeth just to get information to fill out an MRI script that my Chiropractor wrote up for me on my behalf.

The reason I mention the insurance thing is because I found an extraneous EOB statement with a fictitious surgery date where an insurance payment was apparently sent to Dr Tomas’s office in the amount equal to the payment I received through an individual claim I made on the real surgery date. Keep in mind his office does not accept insurance, but had my insurance information “on behalf of the anesthesiologists and lee island surgery center.” In suspicion, I sent emails to his financial person (Terry) who handles that stuff and received silence.

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