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quote MeshMangledMerritt:

My primary care acted perplexed by this and honestly I am as well. Why is it mesh doesn’t show on a CT?

I sent my CT scan in to Dr. Belyansky and he said everything looked good and that ‘it was a well-placed mesh’ and hadn’t migrated or balled up or moved. So he clearly was able to see it. I think as Jnomesh said, it takes some special experience and training to see mesh on a ct scan, or at least see it in a way that helps diagnostically-speaking. And even then I guess there are times when everything looks ok even when perhaps things aren’t. Unless of course there is an issue with the scan. I guess it matters if the person reading your scan said they couldn’t see it, or if they said they couldn’t see any issues. Two different things as well.

I think the CT is just one piece of evidence in trying to identifying the true source of pain and discomfort. It can be useful to know the mesh hasn’t migrated or balled up. That information can be used along with many other pieces of info in trying to create a fuller picture that explains your troubles. So it’s probably good you had it done, even if it didn’t show anything. And you can now share those images with other surgeons and physicians as well.

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