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Hi thanks for the reply,
For surgery I had laproscopic surgery done with prolene mesh for inguinal hernias on both sides at a general surgeon. The bubbling gurgling is whats bothering me most feels like gas bubbles at the right side site of insicion. And is more noticileable after eating. No infection visually as far as surgeon can tell. The c diff was treated with antibiotics. Im worried that all the pressure from inflamation and diahrea and bloating caused it to reccur. It doesnt feel right and the swelling looks similar to before surgery but no obvious hernia bulge. Hard to tell because its swelled up. I have what feels like a tight cramping pain sharpish pains when laying down going up ascending colon and dull to sharpish near the top of right incision and slightly next to it near top about a quarter inch towards belly. Also in lower back sometimes. Heavy lower abdomen sinking sensation when standing. Lots of stomach tightness. When seating up feels like pressure builds up at insicion area right side expanding it becomes uncomfortable quick.

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