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  • drtowfigh

    February 9, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Had surgery!

    First, not all diastasis causes pain (in fact almost all do not cause pain) and not all hernias repaired within a diastasis recur (in fact most do not recur).

    Also, all abdominal wall diastases show up on CT and MRI. If it wasn’t reported, it does not mean that there is no diastasis.

    Lastly, you mention diastasis as well as pelvic floor prolapse. Diastasis is in the middle of the abdomen, between the two rectus muscles (your six pack). Pelvic floor prolapse is related to the bladder, vagina, and/or rectum with prolapsing into the perineal region. Do you have both problems?

    It is possible that you had the umbilical hernia repair, but since it is within the diastasis, you still feel an instability of your abdominal core muscles. A tummy tuck will cure that problem, as it fixes the diastasis. This is typically performed by plastic surgeons. I offer a robotic-assisted diastasis closure (or tummy tuck) to those who are candidates for it. If that is indeed your problem, then the diastasis closure may help and it will also support your umbilical hernia repair.