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    February 9, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Post vasectomy complications

    Another friend that is a pain specialist/anaesthesiologist is advising a spinal cord stimulator be placed around T6 to control pain he also agreed with neuro and said it’s not CRPS.. I’ve actually had 3 neurologists tell me it is not CRPS and 2 pain specialists. I did have 1 neurologist say it was CRPS but he was not a very nice or thorough doc and was pushing me out the door as fast as possible. He also said exercise 30 min a day and it will burn itself out in 5 years! He does not believe in neurectomies and said they usually cause more problems, but I asked him how sticking wires in my epidural space is less invasive or less risky and he didn’t have an answer. I have tried every form of gabapentin, amytryptiline, narco nucynta, custom pain creams, lidocaine to the spermatic cord gives about 30 min of relief and pressure to spermatic cord triggers the numbness throughout my legs and abdomen