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Mike M

One thing to “debunk” – “low BMI” is not a requirement for pure tissue repair with a reputable doctor practicing a sound tissue repair method. Every top notch doctor from Kang to Grischkan will operate on patients outside of the ranges indicated by facilities like the Shouldice Hospital in CA. The Shouldice Hospital uses doctors you cannot select as well as have trainees assisting major parts of the procedures which makes sense as to why they want to cherry pick their patients. Additionally most facilities that put those restrictions in place will not properly test BMI correctly using proper equipment either. Half of the incredibly low BMI athletes in the world wouldn’t qualify by the Shouldice Hospital CA own metrics of height / weight. Shouldice Hospital has great results from certain specific doctors in their reviews and they should considering their restrictions. However some of their other doctors at the same facility have not so stellar reviews regardless of the patient meeting their “criteria”.

Additional BMI can complicate the surgical field but an experienced surgeon can still provide a solid repair without complications regardless. This is within reason of course. You don’t want to go into a place morbidly obese and expect the impossible. That is not going to work either.

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