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Good intentions

So it’s been 4 1/2 years since I had the two pieces of Bard Soft Mesh removed (December 2017). It feels like ten years have passed. Over the last few months I’ve realized that I have not spent much time at all thinking twice about what I could or should do to avoid ending up with a sore lower abdomen and groin area. My range of activities, both duration and exertion, has extended out to where I finally feel normal again, all of the time. I do what I want to do and only have slight soreness at the spot of the remaining mesh piece, over the original direct hernia.

This should give hope, I hope, for anyone who is wondering if they’ll ever feel healthy again after mesh removal. But the time spent on this whole travesty is incredible, from implantation to give supposedly almost perfect immediate return to full fitness, through the pain and the waiting, and finally the removal, to today, has been 7 1/2 years. And I am just one of many.

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