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hey guys –

yeah, so I did reach out to a bunch of people and got mixed messages. Next door neighbor had three hernia surgeries and is totally fine. Only issue he had was the first open repair he got while in the army failed and he had it replaced with mesh, and then he got another mesh on the other side later. Had the usual stuff he said over a period of a year or more (occasional pulling or tugging sensations here and there) but nothing bad. Totally fine now. he did find the open surgery easier. lap was just really uncomfortable for him. same for me.

another guy had double mesh surgery and is totally fine. he also didn’t love the feeling he had a few days or a week after robotic surgery. but he recovered fine.

a third guy had mesh put in while in the army and always had some issues and then went in for a revision a few years later. that resulted in a month of almost being unable to go anywhere and he basically was housebound. nerve related issues. but those resolved and he claims to be fine now. i think they left the mesh in and maybe put more in and made some adjustments or something. he doesn’t even know. he didn’t ask. just said he was uncomfortable and went back into surgery as doctor recommended and he says he’s all better now.

last guy, older, had mesh many years ago and says it’s always been a tad off but doesn’t impact him too much. occasional discomfort but minor, and sometimes when bladder gets full he’s a little uncomfortable.

and then i have a friend who said her ex-boyfriend had mesh surgery and was always complaining about it. that’s second hand info for me.

none of these folks really recommended anything one way or another – they were just sharing their experiences. but i did find that when probed for more information occasionally you’d get that thing where they said everything was fine but then when pushed a little harder, they’d say something like ‘well, yeah, once in a while such and such is sore, or i have this minor discomfort, etc etc’. But most ultimately wound up satisfied to the extent I never heard them complain about it and they never did anything further about any issues mentioned. and when you reach a certain age i think there are always some aches and pains you can’t really determine the source of, so a lot of minor issues become white noise.

so i do think it probably works fine for the vast majority. i was definitely not in that category. but to this day i’ve still never understood why – if it was truly a mesh issue or if i have some extreme pain sensitivity or psychological issue. it’s all very confusing. but ultimately i did need mine removed because i wasn’t able to overcome the discomfort i was dealing with.

logically, i have no idea why implants work at all and don’t result in constant problems for everyone. you’re sticking some artificial material inside a body that doesn’t want anything foreign there, and will at some level always mount a response. and healthy tissue and nerves and stuff grows in and around the material. and we’re told not to drink out of certain types of plastic bottles to avoid microscopic exposure to the stuff, but then the gold standard for a hernia is to jam a large mesh piece of it into a body cavity that experiences tons of flex and constant movement and is surrounded by lots of important structures. and somehow this thing is supposed to stay in the right spot after surgery for long enough to result in a nice clean patch repair. meanwhile the implant itself shrinks and has no ability to be particularly flexible over time. it’s just wild.

so was the mesh an issue for me? or did i make it into an issue with worry? would i have been fine if i avoided this forum and done zero research before surgery and just trusted the doctor that it was no big deal? or am i gaslighting myself thinking that? no clue. pain and discomfort very complex. people with totally messed up spines are out there walking around with no pain at all, and people with perfect spines and effectively disabled, and no one truly understands why. there are people with total body pain and fibromyalgia and we don’t understand that either because on exam everything seems fine. there are days i have very little pain and other days where i have a decent amount. i can make the pain almost appear (or disappear) out of nowhere at times if i think about it, and then other times when i am relaxed it will be there. stress seems to make it worse, but not always. exercise sometimes makes it worse, sometimes better.

it’s a mystery.

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