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Good intentions

Thanks for the follow-up G. It’s good to know that it is possible to have a good hernia repair. There must still be surgeons out there like Dr. Brown. They just need to be sought out.

I wonder if the surgeon who took over Dr. Brown’s practice uses Dr. Brown’s methods. It doesn’t seem like he would. The web site is very confusing, with new material seeming to contradict old material. Laparoscopic and robotic methods depend on the use of mesh.


“About the Doctor
Dr. Richard Nguyen is a board certified General Surgeon and is fellowship trained in Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery from Vanderbilt University. He has helped to pioneer single incision laparoscopic procedures as well as being da Vinci Robot Certified. He currently trains other surgeons in both of these fields, contributing to the further innovation of surgical techniques. Dr. Nguyen has been practicing in San Jose since 2007 and a surgeon since 2001, working with the most cutting-edge techniques available.”

“None of the current meshes are compatible with the body. Because of this, chronic pain is a significant problem. If the benefits of mesh greatly outweighed the difficulties of mesh, then it might make sense to use mesh. But that is not the case! When you compare the results of a sports hernia repair with and without mesh in athletes, the long term results are much better without mesh. None of the Sports Hernia Experts use mesh. Also, when you compare the results of inguinal hernia repairs in young men, the results are better without mesh. In all other groups of patients, non-mesh hernia repairs have less pain than mesh hernia repairs.

Please do not let your surgeon use mesh.”

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