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Good intentions

I hope you don’t mind my adding a few things to your Topic G. It would be great to find that Dr. Brown’s methods had been fully transitioned to a new surgeon though.

Here is a separate web page about Dr. Nguyen. He seems to be from the weight loss world, like Dr. Billing (who removed the mesh I had).

Dr. Nguyen

Another page from Dr. Nguyen’s new practice, the sportshernia web site. It looks promising but it’s hard to tell if these are his thoughts or just left over from the old web site, although Dr. Nguyen’s name is there. It’s promising. I think that he should be on anyone’s “no-mesh” list for a consultation.

“There are two different surgical procedures used to treat sports hernias. One is the open operation. The other is a laparoscopic procedure with mesh. Both can yield excellent results. Dr. Nguyen prefers the open operation.

During the laparoscopic operation, it is difficult to see all the nerves and tendons. Thus some damage may be missed and not treated. The laparoscopic procedure also involves placing a large piece of plastic mesh to reinforce the lower abdominal wall; the muscles are not repaired only patched; the mesh can potentially cause problems from shear stresses and nerve damage and shrinkage. The mesh is tough to remove if it becomes a problem.”

New Report


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