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Thanks so much Mike…i know it seems like guys who choose mesh are the dumbest people in the world…in retrospect i feel that way. But every doctor i talked to told me no mesh would hurt a lot…take a long time to heal and would likely fail in a short time—requiring a second surgery with mesh—so why not do it right the first time. When i asked for specifics on the recurrance rates advertised by peterson grishkan yunis etc… i got a lot of mumbling and yada yadas…the truth is they arent tracking anything….to compound matters i had a double inguinal hernia which meant a tremendous amount of cutting in the groin…and two chances at chronic pain…even yunis suggested lap surgery….lap actually leaves nerves and cremaster unmolested…there was zero surgical pain and in my case zero scarring….my doctor claimed 5000 lap surgeries…an obvious lie in retrospect…and of course Towfigh who has at least the appearance of expertise kept yammering on and on about lap mesh being the standard…It never occurred to me that doctors would flagrantly misrepresent techniques and studies to convince you to come to them…i clearly needed to spend years researching this…and i only spend about 6 months…and i only spoke to Grishkan and Peterson both were hopelessly late for the consults…were arrogant and rude and cut off my questions….peterson had a bunch of crappy reviews and Grishkan was 100 years old….as you can See Dr Brown was not an option….Sbayi cuts nerves and cremsater…yunis wasnt really a tissue guy…Shouldice was enforcing the Death VAX and I guess i couldnt fathom that you had to Korea for a fricking hernia surgery…something everyone told me was routine and outpatient easy peasy….

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