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William Bryant….if you search the net you will find diaries of shouldice patients who went to shouldice who are still hurting 3 years later…i spoke with several patients when i was doing my DD…they all confessed to having pain even years later when doing things like lifting weights…holding grandkids…this whole forum is a tissue repair forum and it makes it sound like going to shouldice is the answer…when i had my surgery they were enforcing the Death shot…and i didnt like the idea of tons of metal in the groin plus the fact that someone who had done 50 surgeries might be my surgeon…People say dont put foreign body in with mesh….but a 4 layer shouldice puts in almost the same amount of propylene…and there is a tremendous amount of cutting and slicing….this shows up as chronic pain as high as 30 percent in some studies….you summed it up best when you said the hernia surgery is a minefield…and we dont have a metal detector…or should i say a bullshit detector….kang is the only repair i will risk again

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