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Grishkan was a total Ahole during my consult…he called me and said he could remove my mesh…but when i said it was placed lap…he said he could get 30 percent and that was the best anyone could do…then he hung up the phone….Wrong Dbag….Dr Belyansky got it all out in under 2 hours….GRishkan absolutely lies about the number of surgeries he has performed…it says 23k on his site…but then his assistant tells you 32k…at first i thought that could be right until someone told me he did the math and found that Dr G would have had to have been operating 5 days a week since he was 15….all those body builders back in the gym in a week after surgery is dowrignt laughable….and he just spouts out a 1 percent recurrance and 1 percent chronic pain rate off the top of his head….he isnt doing any tracking at all…in fact like most of these Aholes…once you pay them they could care less. Yunis assistant told me that yunis has repaired of ton of GRishkan repairs…who knows…he sounds like a grade A scumbag like most hernia surgeons…its really terrifyingly difficult to find good options….I always say this but Dr. Kang is the only one who i will ever risk surgery with again. Anyone who doesnt go to korea is playing with fire in my view…every testimonial i read about kang talks about how humble and careful he is…how his entire passion is hernia surgery…a lot of this comes across in his responses on this page….

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