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Mike M


I searched for the surgeon that did your repair last night. I was pretty astonished to see how credible he seemed with countless videos, news briefs, and articles. I also found a lawsuit regarding another patient. We all go into this knowing there could be complications but the way you described your case is rather frightening in terms of the alleged negligence and alleged malpractice. I can definitely see how anyone, even those who did a tremendous amount of research, could have selected your surgeon.

I think Mesh has it’s place but in my 40s I am not comfortable with the location of the mesh in relationship to the spermatic cord. I would rather have a Picasso that is completed with surgical precision with minimal sutures vs. a lightweight or heavyweight piece of plastic with the potential to surf around the inside of my inguinal canal with the potential to castrate me from the inside out. I am being a bit dramatic here but then again I’m not if you listen to other cases where male function was lost or severely diminished.

I think if I was 70+, obese+, then yeah maybe I would go for it.

Open Tissue No Mesh repair = Short Term pain that slowly diminishes to nothingness with no long term impact to your manhood. Maybe slightly higher reoccurrence but most likely not if done by a top surgeon.

Mesh = Minimal pain short term with the potential for catastrophic problems that increases the longer you live??? Most likely this all depends on the mesh, the surgeon, the technique. Only time will tell. I read somewhere recently there were around 60,000 new cases of hernia mesh lawsuits per year. That would be around 8% of all new hernia mesh implants.

I guess you have to pick the one that you feel has the least amount of long term impact to your well being.

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