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Sorry pinto for the delay in responding….very much appreciate your stuff and Mike M’s i am likely headed to see the good Dr Kang soon. CArvajal was indeed a very smooth talker….told me there were zero risks with his procedure…claimed to have one case of pain in his career….given that only one incision was made and the surgery lasted maybe 25 minutes…and he claimed 5000 surgeries…and to be one of the busiest surgeons in the country i got suckered….Of course he said my surgery was ridiculously EASY…i said are you sure about that and he said oh yea….he had some hot chick shadowing him the day of my consult and i think he was showing off….Yea you and mike M remind me of myself…smart diligent…willing to do anything and go anywhere for your health….i just missed the bubble here….lulled by 4 friends who that double mesh without incident for 10 plus years….3 other friends who had open surgery and had hematomas dead spots and cut nerves….and then my convos with people who had shouldice and desarda and were still having issues years later….right off the bat with mesh i knew i would have no surgical pain…no scarring and a quick recovery….i felt like mesh risks = risks of cutting all the tissue that open requiress on both sides no less—-mesh whore voellers debate with Bendavid sunk me…he made it sound like tissue repairs would just fall apart after 5 years…and that the overall lowest risk for chronic pain per the studies was lap mesh….of course we know he went to shouldice whore that he is…..Bendavid was silly inarticulate in that debate…quoting cryoptic studies i couldnt understand….if he had simply said plastic causes lots of problems in the body….like x y z….i might have woken from my stupor….

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