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Thanks GI…i STill cant beleive someone of your intellect and attention to detail got sucked into mesh surgery…..i think i read that you were going to go with Tissue and then changed your mind last minute….what changed your mind? In retrospect its so obvious that mesh was a catastrophic mistake…but i just cant fathom why i didnt see it at the time….common sense would say dont put two enormous sheets of plastic inside the body….but my experience with friends with lap showed few had any issues…while those with tissue complained of bad surgical pain hematomas…dead spots and nerve issue many years after…that coupled with shouldice and desarda folks telling me that were still having issues a year or two after the surgery with any exertion….and Voellers horrible visual of weak tissue being sewn to weak tissue destined to pull apart….I also think that the fact that hernia surgery was blown off as minor and routine sunk me…i couldnt concieve of the need to go to korea for surgery….i dont think i will ever get over this mistake…it ended my useful life….

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