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Thanks Watchful…I am sad for you because you really did your DD…its really troubling that these silly hernias can be life ending. If idiot doctors would warn us about the difficulty in fixing them when they examine us…i would have paid attention. Why did you wait so long to fix yours? This was a major mistake that i made in part relying on idiot doctors who told me watchful waiting was an option…now i know that fixing these right away makes more sense…because they are so much easier to fix. I still think Kang is the best….for one thing you know you are getting Kang for sure…and he has been involved in nearly 20,000 surgeries…he has seen it all…who knows what you are getting at shouldice…its criminal that the information is so difficult to extract from that facility. Why wouldnt they fix a direct hernia if there was no bulge? I hope you continue to improve watchful…i think these things can take a long time to heal

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