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Watchful…i think AJM is on point –there is a huge psych component to this. It seems like yourself AJM and me…all looked into this ad nauseum and we are all still dealing with issues, My bone head friends who went to the doc at the local kaiser who just stuck mesh in them are all doing just fine. My friend nick advised me to stay off hernia talk and i think i will do that for awhwile….in particular he said to avoid Good Intentions…and i wholeheartedly agree….not only is this guy not helpful at all—which is sad because he had my exact experience…but he is extremely negative about surgery outcomes—telling you to expect more problems is exactly what you dont need to hear…screw him! He deterred me from removal by implying i would get worse…with all his burned battlefield analogies..and flat out refused to help me because he didnt like my personality. Anyone going through this hernia nightmare should be supported by their brothers. For the record Dr B laughed off the burned battlefield nonsense and reassured me that the main issue was a return of the direct hernia…hang in there W and ignore GI—why dont you just go away GI your mesh is gone…we dont need anymore of your negative crapola….

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