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Thanks Watchful…I have the utmost respect for you because you really dug in on this and didnt get confused like i did. I worried about the surgical pain, trauma and scarring from tissue repairs and the likelihood they wouldnt last. You saw through that and made the best choice you could…if you could do things over would you change anything? I know i dont want any plastic inside of me….so that doesnt leave me with a lot of options for reherniation. I just think Kang has the most experience in the world…he knows all the tissue techniques and their pitfalls. He has changed is technique over and over in response to what he has learned…to me he just seems like far and away the best option. Shouldice wasnt an option for me because they were insisting on the death shot…i considered peterson and tomas…peterson was a flat out ass during the consult. I asked several surgeons about desarda and they said it was not a good technique…this was before i understood that mesh whore doctors will always denigrate any tissue repairs. I guess i got caught up in the idea that since something is most commonly used…ie mesh surgery…it must be safe and time tested….ie there must be a reason why it is the most commonly used technique. Even now after reading all your great analysis…I wonder what to do. I still have pain on the right side that suggests my direct hernia has returned. Stephen kwon says Dr Kang can get to the bottom of it…with hands on diagnosis…ultrasound and mri if needed…though he says its never needed. Kang says shouldice is just too darn invasive…i thought you had come to that conclusion too…and that its a technique with too great a risk for long term chronic pain. Kang says he never sees pain in his practice. He seems like an honest fellow and i am sure i would have avoided all my problems had i gone to see him weeks after i sustained my indirect hernia…instead i watchful waited tried to heal it naturally and it got large and sank towards my testicle…in short i made every mistake in the book…and likely ruined my whole life. Hernia surgery was sold as routine..out patient nothing to worry about….it is anything but as we all now know

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