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Thanks watchful…i wish we had been searching for answers at the same time…I think putting our heads together we might have figured it out. My analysis came down to the fact that it appeared the risk of chronic pain from open surgery was greater than that for lap…and that made sense intuitively given all the cutting. Particularly in my case where there was a good chance i had hernias on both sides. Voellers article seemed to say the risk of chronic pain from lap mesh was the lowest. Towfigh and Yunis interview confirmed this. And in my case my surgery involved no scarring—the butcher carvajal did all the work through the navel… and there was very little post surgery pain….so i had those two advantages right out of the gate over open no mesh repair….then there was a serious question about whether a tissue repair was more durable than mesh…every doctor i saw said the tissue repairs were more likey to fail voeller made it sound like after 5 years tissue repairs just fell apart…Docs also rolled their eyes when i mentioned shouldice….one saying he had seen several patients with chronic pain from that clinic—that could very well have been a lie…but i was stupid back then. I also talked to shouldice and desarda patients who were still having pain more than a year after the surgery…there was a journal of one shouldice patient complaining of pain 3 years after the surgery…AS william bryant is fond of saying …we are faced with impossible choices. I have noticed that few kang patients ever complain of longterm pain….maybe thats because we dont see many kang patients…but dr kang himself says he hasnt seen chronic pain…maybe i am crazy but dr kang is known to be a committed christian and an elder in his church…he seems more trustworthy than the US vipers i surveyed…he really seems to care about his patients…cant say that about grishkan or peterson…they could care less. What surprises me is that folks who do the least research seem to turn out the best —i have a dozen friends who did nothing more than go to their primary…get referred to some local doc “in their plan”…and they all got mesh shoved in by general surgeons and had no problem at all. We both did a ton of research….went to experts and got hosed….or at least i did. All i know is if i have to do more surgery…i am going to see Dr Kang. But would love to hear any opinions that you have.

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