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I dont think i made the right choice at all…i should have started with the premise that plastic does not belong in the body. Its just too dangerous…can move degrade get infected. After would have been tough because the stuff on kang was just becoming known. You at one point were strongly considering Kang…saying his technique seemed the least bad…I got thrown off by the likelihood of two hernias and doctors telling me they would do it lap because of the tissue trauma associated with bilateral…it was an impossible choice i agree. The real idea would have been to have been educated about hernias…and learned to avoid them like the plague. I lifted weights for 30 years. in retrospect really stupid. Would really love to hear any thoughts you have on what you would have done in retropect. I suppose shouldice was the safe choice…i just didnt like that it was hard to know the good surgeons there and i didnt realize steel wasnt required. Desarda might have been a good choice too…dont see many reports of chronic pain for that. Now i am looking at chronic pain for life…its all very sad

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