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WAtchful –as usual thanks for your thoughtful reply. I hope you are getting better. You are one of the smartest guys on this page and you put in an enormous amount of research…what did you miss that caused you to make the wrong decision? its so terrifying that there seem to be no answers here. I spoke with Yunis after my surgery..very nice guy but i was not impressed honestly. He doesnt have a ton of tissue experience. He keeps saying i have been to shouldice …so what? He also said the risks of lap mesh were tiny—now what i know about lap mesh that is patently false…it is a very dangerous procedure using a huge amount of plastic. I have met many many guys who have been ruined by this surgery. Fortunately i got all the plastic out. But am having the same pain on the right that i had presurgery so suspect the allegedly small direct hernia has returned there. I want to go to kang as he has impressed me the most….but would you say another doctor like doctor Towfigh would be more appropriate. I will likely consult her before going to korea. But Stephen told me direct hernias dont have to bulge…and said confidently that Kang could diagnose it with ultra sound and fix it. Any tips you have appreciated…i respect you very much

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