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Hi Chuck,

My case was very different from yours. I had a large indirect hernia with a large defect, and a large hernia sack reaching down into the scrotum. In your case currently, you may or may not have a small direct hernia recurrence.

Like I said before, you need a diagnosis first. I don’t know for sure, but I get the impression that Dr. Towfigh is good at diagnosing non-obvious hernias, and other causes of groin pain. Not sure who else in the US. Maybe Dr. Krpata, and Dr. Chen. In Germany, there are a number of surgeons who are very skilled with ultrasound (such as Dr. Conze), but I think there are occult hernias that even that can’t show, and maybe other types of imaging help with those.

As to how to fix the hernia if it’s there, maybe put off that decision until you find out what’s going on exactly.

I don’t know how frequent and how bad your pain is. If it’s not something that bothers you too much, I personally wouldn’t do anything about it quite frankly. Hernia surgery can cause a lot of trouble as you well know. Also, watch out for shooting-in-the-dark type surgeries (exploratory, random nurectomies) which can be harmful.

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