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Thanks Watchful…always appreciate your thoughts. I didnt have a bulge the first time when Carvajal…without any imaging at all diagnosed a small hernia. The op report said it was a small direct hernia. The pain on that side went away after the mesh was placed but has now returned with removal. So I suspect a return of the hernia. All the US experts that you cited are not nice people. They charge exorbitant fees —misrepresent things. At least Dr Twofigh seems to show some genuine concern—krpata is a cold uncaring Ahhole—i have heard the same about Chen…the Germans i dont know about. But Kang always comes across as humble and caring…but he is also very experienced and confident. He has seen it all. I have never hear anything bad about Kang at all…most recover quickly and without any longterm pain. Kang himself has said he has never seen chronic pain….my instinct says to go see him…its just sad he is in korea.

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