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Hi Chuck,

All good so far, the pain died down quite fast once I got home and rested, the only issue left is a tight feeling right side but that’s fading every day. I’ve been out walking quite a bit which I think has helped. (Mike said he had the same sensation for a while).

I knew I had two – they were direct and quite obvious (left was larger). Dr Kang said he also found an indirect on the right side which he patched up (I think he said there was more than one hernia sack poking through?). He said the left appeared ok and at low risk so he didn’t do anything to that side (other than the direct hernia).

A technician did my ultrasound and called in Dr Kang after taking screenshots, I think he could tell right away what was needed. He must see thousands of scans and then get to see the actual structure the next day when operating so I would assume he would be as good as they get for diagnostics.

Would it be possible to get an ultrasound locally and send images to Dr Kang before travelling?

I’m gutted I was unable to see much of the country so you could certainly fill your days if it turns out it’s not a hernia.


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