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Hi William Bryant,
Yes, Dr Kang uses both IV sedation and local anesthetic. My records don’t specify which ones, but I can ask if it matters.

Hi Watchful,
Completely understand the impact of excess abdominal fat, and I knew I needed to drop some pounds regardless, which is why I immediately started aggressive efforts. I still found it odd that a stricter standard was being applied this time, as my broad frame and muscle % hadn’t changed. Funny thing was when soon after my assessment, I was seen by an ER physician and a nurse for a different matter, and they were both baffled when I told them of my prescribed weight loss. The young physician, who was not familiar with Shouldice, said “I don’t get it, you’re not that heavy, and you don’t look that overweight. Do they only treat skinny people?”

I’m very sorry to hear that you became alert during your surgery. I know that administering anesthesia is a tricky balancing act, but if intraoperative awareness is frequently noted in Shouldice reviews, then perhaps they should at least look to improve their monitoring protocols and/or monitoring equipment. Because of my alertness during my first surgery, it wouldn’t surprise me if I have some level of PTSD that was making me increasingly anxious ahead of this recent one. I must reiterate that it was a tremendous relief that I felt nothing throughout the procedure with Dr. Kang.

In regards to skin sensations after my first surgery, now that you mention paresthesia, I recall that also was present for some time. However, the numbness was more persistent, and covered a larger area of around 2” x 4”. I’m only on day 3 after my Kang repair, and so far I am not feeling either symptom. The incision area is neat, slightly tender, and has a bit of swelling.

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