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I noticed the same contrast between German surgeons and US surgeons. I had multiple consultations with German surgeons, and they were wonderful. The contrast was shocking, a completely different culture, and a completely different quality of interaction with the patient.

The question of “what if something goes wrong” is a legitimate question, though. In most cases, nothing goes wrong. However, bad things do sometimes happen with surgery. Being stuck in a foreign country in such cases can be a big problem, and may lead to problematic follow-up care, or push you to make decisions about care which are driven by the circumstances rather than what really needs to be done.

This probably shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but it’s a factor. If you decide to do it, it’s worth thinking about how you would handle complications if they happen. Get additional care at Kang’s hospital, get admitted to some other Korean hospital, come back to the US instead of all that (what if you’re in no shape to travel?), wait in Korea to see if the problem goes away, etc.?

Not saying you should be overly paranoid about this for what seems like a “simple” hernia surgery, but give it at least some thought. At the very least, I think it’s important to have a family member or a trusted good friend with you. Based on my experience, the drug cocktail they give you during surgery impairs you to some extent for a while, and you may not be in the best shape even to make decisions about what to do in case of a complication.

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