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By the way, among the surgeons you mentioned, I did talk to Dr. Yunis, and he was pleasant, spent enough time, and answered my questions. I was seriously considering having him do the surgery, but ultimately wanted someone with more Shouldice procedures under their belt. Also, I wasn’t quite sure what he would do in my case: Shouldice, Desarda, or mesh.

Being an inguinal hernia patient is a tough spot to be in… Do you go to a surgeon who performs multiple different techniques such as Dr. Yunis, Dr. Towfigh, or a number of German surgeons? Do you go to someone who does one technique such as Dr. Tomas, Dr. Kang, the Shouldice Hospital, or the local open/lap/robotic mesh surgeon? If you choose a single-technique surgeon, you’re basically acting as your own doctor by picking the procedure by picking the surgeon. If you choose a surgeon capable of multiple techniques, you never know if they decide on the procedure based on what’s best for you, or what they happen to be most comfortable with, or most interested in practicing now.

I actually also went to the best lap mesh surgeon in my area. Even with him, it wasn’t clear what was going to happen. He told me that my hernia was so large that he wouldn’t have been able to do it laparoscopically a few years ago, but he now has the experience and confidence to do it. Still, he said there’s only an 80% chance that he would be successful, and a 20% chance that he would need to convert to open during the surgery. Of course, he hasn’t done open much… Sounded pretty scary where I could end up with an aborted lap surgery as well as an open surgery done by someone who doesn’t do it normally.

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