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Watchful. Thanks as always for your input. The best on the page. I am in kind of a mess. Having had double mesh removal makes things worse. I have a bad dull ache on the right side where carvajal found a small direct hernia. I had pain there prior to surgery and it went away after mesh. With mesh removed it’s back. So I suspect the hernia is back. There was no bulge before and there is not one now. Just pain. Worse than it was before it was “fixed”. I am going to try to get an ultra sound. The one weakness with DR Kang is that you can’t consult with him from overseas like you can with the Germans. But I am not sure that he is limited to one technique. He seems to be very innovative and at one time was a mesh surgeon. So I think he had a broader range of experience than you suggest. My indirect hernia was large and moving into the testicle. Carvajal fixed it lap. But that’s all he does. So maybe it should have been done open. Who knows. I studied this hard but it turns out I missed so much. It’s sad that a hernia way well end my useful life. Other guys had much worse removals than me and appear to be fine. I only had the junk in a year. Would still love to chat offline as you are smarter than most docs. Happy to pay you for your time. Will do you

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