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Hello, Chuck.

First of all, thank you very much for always giving us undeserved support and encouragement.

Many people claim that various hernia surgery methods are needed to provide optimal surgery for patients with various conditions.

At first glance, it sounds very reasonable.
My experience, however, suggests that it’s only a plausible theory.

Since 2012, I have performed tissue repair for more than 20,000 inguinal hernia patients without exception. And I am very satisfied with the results.

It is often said that patients with weak tissues need mesh repair, but I have not seen patients who need mesh because of their weak tissue

Among my patients were people over 250 pounds, with severe ascites due to liver cirrhosis, chronic cough due to lung disease, three or four hernia recurrences, or a hernia as large as a baby’s head, etc. I have firm confidence from my 11-year experience that sufficiently strong repair is possible with only tissue repair. Therefore, it is difficult to agree with the opinion that various surgery options should be needed for optimal patient care.

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