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Good intentions

Your questions indicate that you have just started to learn about the field of hernia repair. It is very complex.

The suggestion that the number of hernia repairs a surgeon has done will improve outcomes really only applies to certain types of problems. Experience does not apply to the fundamental issues with mesh repairs, the body’s response to the mesh.

As you stated, most surgeons only use a single “one-size-fits-all” mesh repair. It is actually a goal of the industry, to define a solution that “works” for most, the “vast majority”, of people. There is discussion about “tailored” approaches to hernia repair but opposing that is the push to just cover all of the possible hernia sites with mesh and “be done” with it (see the Commandments of Mesh Implantation by Dr. Felix). In other words what you’ll find is that the “talk” about improving does not match the reality of what is being taught.

Read all of Watchful’s posts if you want to see a similar path to what you are seeking. There are very few pure tissue repair surgeons around the world. You will find hundreds of surgeons with many mesh repairs behind them. By the “experience” standard they will be well-qualified. But they will not be able to tell you if their past patients are doing well. My mesh implantation surgeon fit that model. Even worse though, I found out later that he did know of problems with a patient very like me. But he did not tell me about them until after he implanted the mesh and I was having problems myself.

Sorry to be so negative. But it really is a very high-risk decision, for the patient. Not so much for the surgeon. There is much good information on the forum. Read as many posts as you can. Nothing has really changed over the last couple of decades, except for a dramatic rise in the number of mesh-related lawsuit victims.

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