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David M

Thanks, Good Intentions. I actually do feel somewhat like a novice on this, though the truth is that ive started up my study on this 3 or 4 times, only to have to delay it For one reason or another. For instance, I probably posted first here just prior to covid hitting and was delayed due to that and then later for other reasons.

I know, for instance, that you had a mesh removed. Internally, I think. The one quote that sticks in my mind the most was when you told the gentleman who had privacy concerns that after the pain of a surgery gone wrong that a person would run naked through the streets if it would solve the problem. That is a strong warning against the possible pain.If you had it to do over again, I assume that you would not have mesh placed at all? What was your post removal process and result? Did the scar tissue hold it?

Watchful is another amazing poster here. For me, his experience of being so well studied and choosing tissue only to have that not go smoothly is an interesting warning in a sense against tissue repair. Some people find this place because of pain and thus represent the few for whom it goes wrong, but Watchful represents a different class, as does the poster who said he would probably choose someone other than yunis if he had it to do over.

Hopefully, watchful will catch this and give his current opinion about what he would do were he to do it over again.

No easy answers, but my many years of watchful waiting have to end soon, as my hernia is getting somewhat scary.

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