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Hey @ajm222 – its both at the moment.

Since having Dr. Brown’s surgery I have serious structural weakness where my core is no longer this one big structure that I should be able to tense up/flex as a whole. In his surgery he cut open the external oblique aponeurosis from the external ring to the level of the internal ring and never closed it. So instead of being 1 big sheet of tissue its now 2 separate parts causing structural failure/weakness of the external oblique and my entire core. This in turn weakens the entire groin area/inguinal ligament and by extension my hip flexors are also loose/weak. It affects the way I walk, my knee stability, and a bunch more. My groin and lower abs feel like mashed potatoes and the rest of my core is visibly weird looking/dysfunctional.

Pain-wise, I regularly have inguinal ligament pain and inguinal floor pain/soreness/aching/burning almost daily. Especially where he sutured something (so he sutured the conjoint tendon at the shelving portion of the inguinal ligament – I have pain in a straight line there) and he sutured a flap of the external oblique aponeurosis to the inguinal ligament – pain right there. You can tell those tissues do not want to be there and are constantly aching.

I also have pain that I already had before that nobody has been able to figure out at the insertion of the rectus into the pubic bone which is what I suspect was my original injury all along but I already had this before Dr. Brown. If anything this part hurts less now because the generalized weakness from Dr. Brown’s surgery means the abs are not able to remain tense hence there is less pulling/tension at their insertion.

I still have no idea what to do this situation is like walking blind in a mine field. I have yet to consult anyone who would be able to give me a real game plan. Hopefully this year I’m able to find something. I thought not having any mesh or anything permanent in me would make it easier to get help but apparently not.

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