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Thanks so much Peter for coming on and sharing your thoughts. I agree about altering the anatomy, which is why I love the minimalist attitude of my surgeon. Avoids cutting nerves at all costs, recommends avoiding surgery altogether unless absolutely necessary, and plans for the simplest procedure unless circumstances demand otherwise. Also comfortable with absorbable sutures if requested.

I did read it takes a couple years for silk to dissolve completely. I also read a couple studies suggesting absorbable sutures work very similar to ‘permanent’ sutures. Statistically very little difference over the long term in terms of recurrences.

As for Dog, at the time he was posting here I did a little research on him and it seems he is or was apparently a successful dog trainer out in LA or something who even appeared on Letterman. And you can find a video of him on the show online, though perhaps he or his account posted that here and that’s how I know. So who really knows. But I do now know several people that have had good results with Dr. Brown. But they had very routine hernia repairs for the most part (though one did have his repair after mesh removal – I’ve spoken with this person privately at length and he’s doing great now). But I take your point. And to someone else’s point above, every super well regarded surgeon in this area has a horror story or three, so you just never know for sure what you’re in for when it comes to surgery.

Thanks again for the advice. I’ve taken a lot from your personal experience in terms of guiding my own decisions.

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