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Good intentions

I just posted a video from SAGES 2021 that had at least two plug removal videos contained within it. The next “bellwether” trial for hernia mesh is apparently scheduled to begin in May. It is about the Perfix plug. The process takes so long. After this trial another trial is scheduled for later in the year.

Still fascinated by the huge dilemma the mesh producers have, considering the scale of the problem. The products are still on the market, maybe because removing them from the market would be admitting that they are flawed. Plugs have been around for decades. There are thousands of potential cases waiting in the future. Johnson and Johnson tried to encapsulate their liability for asbestos/talc by spinning off that part of the business so it could go bankrupt but the courts would not allow it. How do they get out of this mess? When do they start removing bad products and trying to develop products that are actually better?

Davol was part of Bard, which is now part of Becton Dickinson, known as BD now in the medical field.

“February 9, 2023 Update
In an Order issued earlier this week, the Bard MDL judge set forth a detailed schedule for the third hernia mesh bellwether test trial (Stinson v. C.R. Bard et al.). Pretrial conferences will be held on May 2nd and 3rd and the trial itself will begin on May 15, 2023. Final witness lists are due from both sides this month. The judge also requires lawyers for all parties to submit proposed dates for a 4th bellwether trial later in the year.”

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