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@PeterC, you report your operation followed the same steps for sports hernia as on the doctor’s website except for an unspecified step he did on you. Is this step a inguinal hernia surgery procedure? If not, then why did you go on to report that you had no hernia? (I realize of course “hernia” in sports hernia is a misnomer.)

Also, are the steps/procedures for sports hernia outlined on the website considered standard for that surgery? Given that you direct us to the website description in lieu of your doc’s surgery report, then means he followed the website’s outline except for the unspecified, missing step?

Finally, and I would ask any patient, how reliable can that surgery report be? If a quack doctor, then surely the report is likely cooked.

Finally still, I take it that your later consultations with other surgeons revealed to you that your doc did unexplainable procedures. What did these surgeons say about your doc’s surgery report? Did they disagree with his procedures as written in the report?

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