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Sorry it posted my reply before I finished answering and wouldn’t let me edit – you are correct the surgeons I consulted so far have no idea whats going on. To be honest the feeling I have gotten from most surgeons is that they see me as “damaged goods” and aren’t very eager to dive into what is happening to me. I totally understand that this now falls into the revision-surgery and is far more complex but I have struggled to find someone who is even remotely interested in figuring it out with me. Not to take anything away from the surgeons I’ve consulted its just been a very uphill and lonely road trying to find help.

Dr. Krpata is the only one who suggested the nerves might play a role but I strongly disagree as I have stated previously I made Dr. Brown write in the consent form that no nerves were to be harmed or touched in any way and I believe he didn’t cut any.

Physically I feel like I have 3/4 of an external oblique vertically. Meaning that prior to this surgery, when I flexed my core you could see my obliques flare up/flex through the entire length from top to bottom. Now I try to flex and the muscle tries to flex but nothing moves/goes up past the beginning of the scar on each side. It doesn’t meet any resistance or anchoring it just tries to flex and then caves in with weakness. Its hard to describe. Its like he cut off/separated a chunk of my external oblique aponeurosis from the rest of the structure.

Another user on here a year ago said that he avoided surgery with Dr. Brown because he “free’d the fascia” during his procedure. I never understood what he meant by that but to me for the spermatic cord to be under the skin at the end of the surgery and to have 2 separate leaves overlapping he had to separate/carve out parts of the external oblique. That’s the only theory I have at the moment

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