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It looks like the word “Progrip” is being used to describe any mesh that has the polylactic acid (PLA) absorbable component. That is approximately 40% of the weight of the material. Apparently, Progrip is applied to both polyester and polypropylene meshes.

The word “Parietex” appears to be a trademark that was originally used for polyester meshes. But now appears to be used for other materials also.

There used to be more information readily available through the internet but Medtronic seems to have removed much of it and now asks people to contact them for information. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this is due to the lawsuits. If you search Progrip and/or Parietex on the internet a bunch of law firm results show up along with Medtronic web sites. There is some poor information on those sites about the difference between polyester and polypropylene.

Sorry, that probably doesn’t help much. The basic materials are essentially the same, of those three. The form is different, and I think that one or two of them might be polypropylene.

I don’t think that you will be able to find any studies that will clearly tell you which of these materials has less risk for chronic pain. Good luck.

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