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Dr. Peterson has put people in wheelchairs removing lap mesh open, read his reviews on vitals, ratemds etc. He tried talking me into that and once I said bit lap mesh has to be removed the same way its put in… he stopped saying anything and said well kid which I was 26vat the Saud you’ve done your research I wish you the best. He performed bilateral open surgery on a lap mesh patient and ruined him totally and man other as with Dr. G in Ohio. They only know open surgery so they talk you in on what they know. I know a dude went paid 9,000 dollars to be so much worse if after removal and the dude was a yoga instructor. Peterson us one of the bad ones and people know open even if your mesh was placed open it’s the way to go it’s way more invasive. Maybe fir an initial repair in the first place he can di a good job bit with removal avoid at all costs!

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