News Feed Discussions Who is the nicest/most considerate groin doctor you’ve consulted? Reply To: Who is the nicest/most considerate groin doctor you’ve consulted?

  • PeterC

    April 4, 2023 at 11:50 am

    Thanks for the input Watchful. I can see the Hernia field in general being as you said high-volume and low compensation like you said. I just wonder at what point the person forgets they are still dealing with another human being and not an object you know. Where does the disconnect happen between their intentions when deciding to put themselves through med school with the intention of helping people and now where a lot of them don’t even consider patients as human beings.

    Good to know about your experience with German doctors. I considered consulting in Germany a while back but I’m honestly embarrassed/scared of consulting these days because of the reaction every doctor has when they see my before/after Dr. Brown and what he did. There’s not much left to salvage or undo so I guess I’m avoiding the disappointment. I’ve also heard really bad things about Muschaweck despite her widely-accepted method. I hear Dr. Koch also knows what he’s talking about over there.

    And you’re right I couldn’t have known with Dr. Brown. He was advertising working with athletes for 30 years, he was strongly against Mesh, he promised he would only do the strict minimum and that he would not cause any damage that would prevent another doctor from operating on me safely should I get injured again or prevent me from returning back to sports. 3 years later I still struggle with walking nevermind doing any kind of physical activity or sport.