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Good intentions

I think that mesh is over-used and I think that the reason is corporate influence. Money over medicine. My posts are very clear on this. My experience working for large corporations probably gives me more insight in to the details of how the business world works, although the news media is full of stories of corporate influence affecting the welfare of the people that they are supposed to be serving. Guns, tobacco, self-driving cars, opioids, asbestos-containing talc, herbicides (Roundup), etc. Hernia repair mesh is part of the club now, there are large class action lawsuits in progress at this moment.

Dr. Towfigh has also suggested that mesh might be over-used in women. I have not kept up with her efforts but I suspect and have suggested that they will have little effect. Once somebody shows that mesh is over-used in one area it will give impetus to reducing its use on other areas. That will be profit lost.

There is a place for mesh in the world of hernia repair. But its over-use is a violation of the Hippocratic oath, because of the harm that is caused in trying to fix the problems that it causes. Although I think that many surgeons are ignorant of what they are doing, or don’t feel responsible, because they have no ready and reasonable alternative. Because they have been trained in the medical institutions that are being supported financially by the corporations that profit from the over-use of mesh, then joining organizations that have established mesh repair standards. They have been captured and are being used.

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