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Mike M

@Pinto The reason I am pointing at the “coughing” is I had never experienced even a hint of a hernia at any point in my life. It was the furthest thing I thought possible. However I was forcing myself to cough in a pretty extreme manner over a long period of time (2 months) because I was annoyed by the simple cold / covid remnants. I never got sick outside of a tickle cough I thought (moronically) I could solve by increasing the intensity of my cough. Like you said it could be a culmination of time, a little age, and other activities but there was no indication prior.

Also you had a “sliding” hernia if I remember correctly? A little tricker to detect and possibly took extra steps to resolve? It is where the floor is made up from tissue from other organs?

Bryant I plan to go back to doing similar things you mentioned at 100%. I already am lifting massive spools of utility wire when I help my workers load up. No issues. I am not going to live my life restricting my activates because of the possibility of a recurrence. However I need to lose about 20lbs before I do anything too extreme to soften the load on that area.

“Bad pain” (but what I expected) the first 48 hours. Standing the first few weeks for over 15 mins would tense up the area and I would have to sit down for relief. That all went away with time no issues at all. Nothing was overwhelming or more than I anticipated. Only time I really needed help was the first 24 hours.

@ajm All the things you mentioned are common from what I was told and experienced. It all fades with time. Some people freak out about a sensation of “movement” or a “popping” etc. Just scar tissue, nerves, and your body trying to adapt for the most part. I walked up 10 flights of stairs 5 days after the surgery and thought I was doomed because of a little swelling. lol Follow up Ultrasound showed perfect repair.

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