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Hi folks,
My incision is 4 cm long. I think that they don’t use exactly the same shouldice surgery in Germany. For example they have not used steel stiches but thread. I had a surgery for one small inguinal hernia a little bit more complicated because it was both direct and indirect hernia . I don’t care with the size of the incision . If you want a tiny incision try laparascopy , just 3 small holes and a mesh inserted. So you will be beautiful may be sooner than after the souldice surgery. But inside it will not be the same scenery. I don’t know if you have ever seen mesh removed after been inserted for years. It is horrendous. So after 15 days post op my scar is fine , less and less visible.I still have slight disconfort when my body lie down and get up or other motions I do. After 30 days post op I will make a review.

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