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David…I hear your brother. There are no good options. But Kang or Conze can probably handle your case. I would live with the hernia. maybe even die before i submitted to another lap mesh surgery —its pure hell. Like I said dont take my word for it…I can refer you to 6 others who got conned into that butchery and their lives are over too. I kept thinking lap looks so easy so painless…its deadly deceptive…come to your senses…they are sticking huge beach blankets of plastic deep into your abdomen…the plastic sticks to everything inside you…your arteries your bladder your vas your spermatic chord…the funny thing is these idiot surgeons will tell you that is just fine —but they wont stick that crap in themselves–lap mesh whore Voeller went to shouldice when he got a hernia—that fat bastards debate with bendavid cost me two solid years of pain and torment….

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