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Mesh removal is no joke! That’s why’s there polyester, 3d max lightweight cause heavyweight was to sketchy bit bard is the worst. Hernia surgery unless you go to a real one is a cash grab! Bruce Ramshaw was the most respected removal surgeon but to cover himself, oh you have to go to therapy or an psychiatrist before and after, it’s to cover himself! Said yes mesh causes pain then after getting caught up said no it doesn’t it’s all in there head admist him making up his own mesh tiger mesh! So sad! Put down Robotic removal cause he can’t do it, can’t teach an old dog new trucks but that was the triple threat! Towfigh, Belyansky, and Ramshaw!They stick together information and all! Ramshaw said at the end oh mesh doesn’t cause pain it’s in their heads! Dr iacco and janzyck are the ogs of robotics! It’s a fact and when I mentioned others they laughed, they don’t do initial or removal unless they totally check out your story as should be! So many surgeons came on here for a cash grab so many are just about that! Never get mesh removed open as Kang and Peterson say!!! Peoples are in wheelchairs after these decisions!!! Study look up each docs reviews! Don’t make a mistake as with our first choice we can’t take back!

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